Homemade root beer, chocolate malts and broiler burgers are the staple cuisine at Frosty Drive-In, located at 1002 Fort Worth Drive. Our restaurant is an inexpensive way to experience tasty American cuisine and take a trip back to the era of sock hops. Broiler burgers, the main course at Frosty, are custom made and can be topped with a special mayonnaise sauce. All broiler burgers come with two juicy patties full of flavor. The bun is toasted and smothered in mustard, ketchup or whatever condiment is preferred. Adding fries to the meal is a must, as they are thick, golden and have a unique flavor compared to any fast food joint. The fries are good enough to eat alone, but ketchup from a glass Heinz bottle adds traditional flair. Frosty isn't stingy with the fry supply - there are plenty for one person in a normal order. To wash it all down, try Frosty's homemade root beer, which is served in a chilled Frosty mug for only $1.29. For something sweeter and more filling, a chocolate milkshake is a great way to top off the meal. Frosty's shakes are made with soft serve ice cream and blended to a creamy texture that is just thick enough to enjoy, but not so dense that face muscles are overexerted when trying to drink it. A regular-size chocolate shake at Frosty is like a large anywhere else. In addition to milkshakes, Frosty also has vanilla, chocolate or swirl cones and dishes. If burgers and fries aren't appealing, Frosty offers classics like a fish fillet or chicken fillet. Other meals include Frito pies, corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches or the burrito deluxe. The atmosphere at Frosty Drive-In is cozy, like a small-town diner where everyone knows each other. There is a pinball machine, Pac-Man video game and jukebox in the dining area, and '50's era designs cover the walls. The restaurant has been at the same location since 1954, said Patrick Webb, grandson of the original owner. Webb said none of the food has changed since Frosty opened. Frosty is a drive-in but currently doesn't have any carhops, so customers can eat in the indoor dining area or at a table outside. Whether it's the old-time atmosphere, homemade root beer or original recipe burgers, a trip to Frosty Drive-In hits the spot.

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